Each team has its own youth academy. The academy can have up to a maximum of 6 players in it at any time. Players can be added to the academy when required and the quality of their training depends on the financial input that the academy is given. There must be a minimum of £200 spent on each player every week but the value can be increased to as much as £20,000, depending on finances. If your team starts struggling to afford the payments then the expenditure will automatically be lowered.

Whilst players are in the academy they will receive training appropriate to the position they have been assigned. This position can be changed at any time depending on your requirements. Each player has a different potential though so don't expect a lot of top quality players just because you are spending the maximum amount. Increasing your youth academy spend just increases your chances of helping the players reach their potential sooner. A players' maximum potential will still be reached by leaving them in the academy, regardless of when they are added.

Once a player has been in the academy for 10 weeks, they can be promoted to the first team (providing there is room) or released at any time. When a player is promoted to the first team, he will be given the position that he was finally assigned in the academy. At the end of a season, any players who are 19 years old and about to turn 20 are automatically released.

Players promoted from the youth academy can not be sold for 20 weeks.

When a player in the youth academy reaches 20 years old they will automatically be promoted if there is space in the squad (after retirements). Otherwise, they will be released.

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