Mystify Soccer is a game of soccer simulation. When you sign up to play the game you become a manager.

Managing a team mainly involves trying to get positive results in matches against other teams. This is done by selecting 11 players and appropriate tactics for each match. The 11 players must be selected from a squad of players which is under the managers control. In between matches, managers can buy and sell players with the aim of improving the squad.

The whole game is fictional with the only link to real life being team names and some player names. Real life football results have no bearing on what happens within the game. Results within the game are calculated by bespoke software designed exclusively for Mystify Soccer.


Each manager has a password which is used to sign in to the site and manage your club.


If you will be unable to submit a team selection for any reason then please enter the dates that you will be absent from the game into your details. The computer will then pick your team until you return.

Becoming unmanaged

If a manager doesn't sign in to the site for a period of 4 weeks and dates of absence are unknown then the teams which the manager controls may be released to be made available for new managers.

Managerless clubs

If a team does not have a manager then the computer will pick the team until a new manager is found.

Game structure