12 June 2020

Just a quick message to let you know I have updated a few teams in the Portuguese league to bring some of the bigger names back in the game after their disappearance from the top divisions in real life a few years ago. They are all currently without a manager and here are the changes... Sporting...

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03 June 2020

Game update time. I have re-written and tested the match engine to be exactly the same as it currently is. That sounds like there was no point. However, doing so means I can bring it into the same code-base that the site uses and finally get closer to bringing all my code together, rather than...

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Claret & Blue scarf


03 May 2020

Hi all, You've probably noticed a few tweaks and new little additions over the last few days. I'm still working through a big list and am trying to update the change log so you know what updates have happened. but I feel as though my latest change deserves its own news article before I get 200...

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Green & White scarf


21 April 2020

Hopefully this won't cause too many issues but there is now new transfer and contract code live on the site so please let me know ASAP if you spot anything that you don't think is right. Even if it ends up being correct, I'd rather be quizzed so that I can make sure. Alongside that I am...

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20 April 2020

First of all, apologies for switching a limit on transfer fees during the early part of last week. I meant to post a news article and it completely slipped my mind. Anyway, I'm hoping to be implement some big code changes this week at some point - at which time I will have also increased that...

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23 March 2020

Season 37 has just gone live! There's a warning here though in that if anything is wrong I may have to restore the database to the end of last season and run the season changeover process again. Hopefully there's won't be but if you spot anything that isn't quite right then please let me know -...

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