General Questions

Simulated soccer is where you pretend to be a football manager. You take control of a team and then manage that team by selecting players and choosing tactics for each match against other managers. You can also buy and sell players in efforts to improve your squad, along with managing the finances of the team. The challenge is to prove yourself as the best manager by winning league and cup competitions within the game.
Nothing at all. The game is FREE to play. As such, there is also no real prize money to be won and it is just supposed to be played for fun.
The game is run for free as a hobby with thanks to Emphasys for the hosting of the site and database. Also, the developer of the game is a web site developer by trade and Mystify Soccer is useful as a site to try out new ideas on before they are used in more corporate environments.
Any data provided to the site is used only within the game - it is not passed on to third parties for advertising purposes, nor is it passed on to any companies for mass mailing services. This applies after you have given up playing the game, as well as whilst you are currently involved.


Teams are made available when a manager resigns or if a manager doesn't sign into the site for at least 2 weeks (and doesn't inform us of an absence). This can happen at any time of day or night.
Applications are processed in order of submission. You may be applying for popular teams and they are taken before your application is reached, in which case your application will be deleted. The best way of getting a team is to select 'Any' team - then you have no choice over who you will be assigned but should get one.
It could also be that your application data is deemed to be false or there is a link to somebody who has previously cheated in the game.
If you suspect that your application is being deleted unfairly then please contact us with more details.
You can actually manage 2 teams in the game under each account. The second team is only allowed after playing the game for 6 months. In order to keep the game fair and to give as many people a chance of playing as possible, only 1 account is allowed per person. If anybody is caught with multiple accounts then all their accounts will be disabled and the associated teams will made available for new management. There only needs to be a slight suspicion of a manager having multiple teams for this action to be taken. This rule is strictly adhered to with no exceptions.
The minimum amount of time needed to manage a team is around 10 minutes per week. This should be more than enough time for a manager to select a team for their matches. If you wish to make transfers then you will need more time to sign in more regularly and progress offers & contracts. Obviously, more time can be spent on the game but this is up to each individual manager.
This means that the e-mail address you entered isn't associated to a team within the game. You may have just entered the wrong e-mail address. However, if you could previously sign in without any problems, your team may have been assigned to another player. This happens if you haven't signed into the site for over 2 weeks or you have been caught managing multiple teams.
At the moment, the only way for this to happen is for you to resign and then re-apply.
If you are going away and won't be able to access the site then you have two options. One is to get a trustable friend to manage your team for you and the other is to leave it to be managed automatically. Either way, you must enter your dates of absence within your account details so that the team you manage doesn't get taken off you. If your period of absence is longer than the period able to be entered then please contact us.
To stop playing the game and have all your details removed simply go to your account details and resign as a manager.


League matches usually take place after 17:00 (5pm) on a Friday and cup matches usually take place after 17:00 (5pm) on a Monday but the days and times can sometimes vary. Up to date information about forthcoming match times is always displayed on the site and are based on the current server time, which is displayed at the bottom of the site.
No. When a season has ended, the first league matches of the new season are played the following week.
No. Managers can not view the current team selection of any team that they don't manage. This means that you can select your team, for your next match, at any time with no disadvantage.
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