Welcome to the world of simulated soccer!

Mystify Soccer is a very simple, but fun to play, online football management game played by people from all over the world.

The site was last updated on Monday 18 October 2021 at 13:11.

It will cost you absolutely nothing to take over a team and play the game.

Improve your squad by dealing in the transfer system whilst selecting teams & tactics in your league and cup games against other managers in an effort to win the in-game competitions.

Mystify Soccer has been played since 1997 and, as such, has become a little community of its own where friendships are made and banter can be had. More participants to this are most definitely welcome. The whole idea is that it is just fun and nothing too serious.

  • Compete in National & European competitions
  • Buy & sell players with other managers
  • Promote players from your youth academy
  • Manage your teams' finances
  • Control the training of your players
  • Make friends with other managers from around the world

The best part is that it is all totally FREE TO PLAY so apply for a team as soon as possible and join in!

Current managers should sign in to Mystify Soccer. If you have forgotten your password you can click here for a password reminder.

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Other visitors can either submit an application to play the game or browse around the site to get a feel for it, although certain sections will be unavailable as they are for managers only. The game rules will give a good overview of what is involved if you wish to manage a team.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Most queries will be responded to within 24 hours.

Join the game

To join Mystify Soccer click the button above to fill in an application form.

If you so wish, you will be able to specify a specific team or country (useful if you have friends already playing the game) and this will be fulfilled where possible.

Your personal details will NOT be given out to other companies, sites and, by default, other players of Mystify Soccer - although you can choose to enable the latter if you so wish.

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It's been a while since I gave a development update, so here we go. Life has become more normal in the UK since July, so I've had less time to develop, plus I gained a slightly broken finger playing football which made using a keyboard quite tricky! That explains why there haven't been any proper...

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Today's matches will be later than usual today. I'm hopeful for 6pm but it will definitely be at some point today. Apologies for the late...

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Congratulations must go to Airdrieonians on their 3rd European Cup win. Presumably the most undeserved of the 3 based on the final game itself, as Reggina dominated the game from start to finish barred a couple of minutes of madness around the half-hour mark. Man of the match Rúben Brígido will...

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I'd forgotten about Easter! (I blame the days currently all being the same) As I'm still running the game manually, for a few more weeks only I hope, I have moved the next match days to avoid the Easter weekend. I'm hoping that next weekend I'll be able to upload the next changes too, which...

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