Players within the game expect to be paid a salary. Salaries are agreed by players when they initially sign a contract.

A manager can offer contracts to players in any of the following situations;

  1. A player currently in their own squad - regardless of the current contract.
  2. A player who is on the free transfer list.
  3. A player who is part of an accepted transfer deal.
  4. A player who is out of contract at another team.

When offering a contract the contract length must be selected along with a salary. The maximum salary that can be offered will be based on the division the team is in and how much is currently being spent on salaries across the whole squad. Also, the maximum contract length allowed to be offered will be limited for older players.

If a player accepts a contract offer then they will immediately go onto the offered contract salary and length. If the offer was part of a transfer then the transfer will also happen at this time. Transfer deals involving multiple players will occur when all players have agreed a contract.

An accepted transfer request may be automatically cancelled if a contract has not been agreed within 2 weeks.

When a players' contract expires they will remain at the same team on the salary that they had during their contract period. At this point, other teams can offer them a new contract and it's possible they may be transferred without any transfer fee.

Players will currently decide to retire at the end of a season regardless of their current contract.

Players promoted from the youth academy will have an initial contract of £500 for 30 weeks.

Players whose contract expires at a team with no manager will automatiocally be extended for 30 weeks upon contract expiry.

Players joining a squad automatically due to low numbers will be given an initial contract of £500 for 30 weeks.