Each team has a bank account that must be kept in profit. Income and expenditure on the account occurs with the below.


Money gained by the sale of players
Money from televised matches

Home team = £150,000
Away team = £75,000

If a match is played at a neutral venue then both teams shall receive £150,000.


Each team can have a shirt sponsor and a stadium sponsor. Some companies will offer an initial fee and some will offer weekly payments for these sponsorhips. When a sponsorship expires, new offers will come in and it is up to the manager to select the most beneficial deal to the team.

Merchandise profit

This is a weekly income that your team makes from the sale of merchandise. The income from this is higher at the beginning of the season than towards the end.

Income from matches

In league games, home teams take all of the gate receipts. In cup games, the gate receipts are split evenly with 50% to each team.

The ticket price per supporter depends on what level the home team plays at and they are as follows:

  • League level 1 - £22
  • League level 2 - £20
  • League level 3 - £18
  • League level 4 - £14
  • League level 5 - £12
  • League level 6 - £10

Cup matches played at a neutral venue are treated as level 1 matches.

The home team will also receive income each match from catering.

Prize money for competition achievements

The European cup champions receive £10,000,000. £6,000,000 is received by the semi final winners and in the group stages preceeding that there is a prize paid for every point gained. The prize money is displayed on the European cup schedule page.

The Europa cup champions receive £5,000,000. Prize money is also paid out to the winners of each 2-legged round leading up to the final. This prize money is displayed on the Europa cup schedule page.

The national cup for each country pays out prize money for each round won, including £2,000,000 for winning the final, and thus, the competition outright. The prize money for each round is displayed on the cup schedule page.

League prize money is paid out to the top 5 teams in each division. The amount depends on the level of the division as follows:

Level 1st Pos 2nd Pos 3rd Pos 4th Pos 5th Pos
1 £10,000,000 £8,000,000 £7,000,000 £6,000,000 £5,000,000
2 £6,000,000 £5,000,000 £4,500,000 £4,000,000 £3,500,000
3 £4,000,000 £3,000,000 £2,500,000 £2,000,000 £1,500,000
4 £2,000,000 £1,500,000 £1,250,000 £1,000,000 £750,000
5 £1,000,000 £800,000 £700,000 £600,000 £500,000
6 £500,000 £400,000 £350,000 £300,000 £250,000


Money spent purchasing players
Player salaries

Players are all paid a weekly salary. This salary is based on the skills of the player and also the level of football they play at so top division players will earn much more than players in the bottom division. Player salaries are updated weekly just before they are paid.

Player injury insurance

This is something that can be taken out by choice via the team finances page.

Having the policy means that you will pay 3.5% of your full salary bill to the insurance company every week but in return they will then cover the salaries of any injured players for you. This policy must be taken out for a minimum of 15 weeks but can then be cancelled at any time. It can also be cancelled within the first week - before the first payment is taken.

Stadium maintenance

This is a weekly expense that goes towards the upkeep of the stadium. The amount depends on the division the team is in.

Manager salary

This is a weekly expense that pays the manager. The amount depends on the division the team is in and is not paid when a team is unmanaged.

Staff salaries

This is a weekly expense that pays the non playing staff that the team employs (assistants, coaches, physios, ground staff etc). The amount depends on the division the team is in.

Policing costs

Each match requires a police presence which has to be paid for by the home team.

Youth academy expenditure

View the youth academy rules for more information.

Disciplinary fines

Teams are fined for poor disciplinary records over a season and for poor discipline during a match.
To work out whether a fine applies, red cards are given 3 points and yellow cards are given 1 point.
A team will be fined £5,000 if they receive 10 or more points during a match.
During the 30 league matches of a season, a team will be fined £100,000 if they receive 120 or more points. This will be increased to £250,000 if they receive 180 or more.

Scouting players