Within the game, players can be transferred between teams on a permanent basis or loaned between teams on a temporary basis. The transfer list is where players are placed when teams are looking to sell or loan players out of their squad. Managers of other teams may search this list in order to find players that they feel will benefit their own squad and make offers to purchase or loan via it. Managers can move players on (and off) the transfer list at any time by using the various transfer links throughout the site.

Transferring players

Offers to purchase players can either go via the transfer list or directly by submitting a transfer offer. A team can make a maximum of 5 transfer requests to another team, for players not on the transfer list, each game week (unless the team has removed the limit). A player can only be involved in 1 transfer request to a team at any time, whether that be as the main transfer or as part of the fee. When submitting a transfer offer, the players' current country, then team, must be selected before the player can be selected.

Once the player has been selected, the offer can be entered. This can be a money only offer or a money plus players offer. The offer must be within range of what the player is worth. If players are offered as well then the values of the players are taken into consideration.

Once the offer has been made it is up to the players' manager to decide whether to accept the offer or not. They could, instead, negotiate the financial aspect of the offer (negotiating does not give the option to change or add any players offered). If a deal is negotiated then this can be negotiated several times between the 2 managers until an acceptance (or rejection) is reached.

If a transfer fee is better than an offer already accepted, the directors may automatically accept the offer.

If the offer is accepted then the players involved can be offered contracts. Transfers can only complete once all relevant contracts have been agreed.

Upon all contracts being agreed in principle, the player will then make a decision as to which team they would like to transfer to. Once they have selected a team, the purchasing team will then have 7 days within which to confirm the transfer before it will bet set to process.

Transfers will not be processed within 38 hours of league of cup matches being played to stop any last minute surprises for the selling team.

Loaning players

Players can be loaned between teams for a specified number of weeks. This is useful to give players regular matches or to cover positions in case of injuries and suspensions. A player can not be loaned out for longer than the number of weeks remaining on their contract.

There is no limit to the number of players that a team can have out on loan but a team can only have a maximum of 5 players in on loan at any time. Players can not be loaned out the same week that they have been transferred (or promoted from the youth academy) and they can only be loaned out towards the end of the season if they have played less than 75% of league games for their parent team during the season. Requests to loan these players can still be made but the request can not be accepted until there are no restrictions.

To loan a player a loan request should be submitted. This can also be done via the transfer list. When a request is placed the requesting team needs to specify how many weeks they would like the player for and how much of the players' salary they are willing to pay during the loan period, in terms of a percentage. Providing that the player doesn't reject the idea, requests are then accepted or rejected by the players' manager. If accepted then the loan deal begins instantly and the player can be selected to play straight away. Loan requests can be also cancelled at any time before the players' current team accepts or rejects the offer.

Loans cannot be accepted during the last 4 weeks of a season.

Once a loan deal is in action, the loan deal can be cancelled by either team once a 4 week period has elapsed. A loan deal that is cancelled means that the player will return to his original club after the next league matches. If the deal isn't cancelled then the player will return once the loan period is over.

Free transfers

Alongside the usual way of transferring players is a free transfer list. This is where players that have been released on a free transfer go to.

Whilst a player is in the free transfer list, teams can offer the players contracts.

The players will choose whether to reject or accept the offered contracts and, if accepting, will join the team.


Each manager has a shortlist where they can keep a list of players they are prospectively interested in. Notifications for these players will be received when offers for them are made or when they are loaned out or transferred. Players that are owned by other teams or in the free transfer list can be stored in this list and added/removed as the manager chooses. Automatic removals occur when the player is purchased by the manager or the player retires.


You must have between 16 and 30 players in your squad at all times (excluding players in on loan). A transfer will not be allowed if either team will go outside these limits should the deal be completed.

When you have purchased a player you will not be able to sell him for 20 weeks. Any players who can't be sold by your club are listed under squad availability.

Teams can only make a maximum of 2 transfers between each other during a 30 week period. Swap deals are counted as 1 transfer.

Transfers can not be made by managers within the first 2 weeks of being at a team. This gives them the chance to evaluate the transfer market.

Players who are currently on loan are not eligible to be transferred.

At the end of each week, any transfer offers and loan requests more than 8 weeks old will automatically be rejected.

Players who have been on the transfer list for over 4 weeks will be automatically removed. The players can be re-listed at any time.

Players who announce their decision to retire at the end of the season can not be transfer listed. If they are listed at the time they make the decision then all bids will be removed and the player will come off the list.

If a manager resigns from managing a team then all recent transfers may be reversed.

Free transfers

You may release a player from your squad on a free transfer. This is useful if you have players who are not part of your plans and you are struggling to sell or if you need to create a place in the squad quickly.

Giving a player a free transfer is only possible if you have at least 17 players in your squad and you will have to pay the player 80% of what his remaining contract value is to do so. Players who have announced their intention to retire at the end of the season can not be released.

To give a player a free transfer, select the 'free transfer' option from the players' information page. Upon confirmation the player will leave your squad. If the player is not due to retire they will appear as a free transfer.