Player training occurs automatically and all players without injury will be trained.

For each player in your squad you can set a particular skill for them to be trained in (including fitness) or set them to just receive 'General' training. You can also set the intensity at which the player will be trained. This can be low, medium or high. The higher the intensity, the more likely they will improve but there will also be a higher chance of injury. Training at high intensity will also affect a players fitness. Players on loan at your team can not be trained with high intensity.

Player skills could then increase according to their training.

Players who arrive at a new team will be set to have the default of general medium intensity training.

Positional training

Players who are not on loan at your team can be given training to change their main position. A player will take 30 weeks to change position unless their positional change is in the following list:

From To Weeks
Left full back Central defender 5
Left full back Central midfielder 10
Left full back Defensive midfielder 8
Left full back Left midfielder 5
Left full back Left winger 8
Left full back Right full back 15
Left full back Right midfielder 20
Left full back Sweeper 5
Right full back Central defender 5
Right full back Central midfielder 10
Right full back Defensive midfielder 8
Right full back Left full back 15
Right full back Left midfielder 20
Right full back Right midfielder 5
Right full back Right winger 8
Right full back Sweeper 5
Sweeper Central defender 5
Sweeper Central midfielder 12
Sweeper Defensive midfielder 8
Sweeper Left full back 5
Sweeper Right full back 5
Central defender Central midfielder 10
Central defender Defensive midfielder 5
Central defender Left full back 5
Central defender Right full back 5
Central defender Sweeper 5
Defensive midfielder Attacking midfielder 10
Defensive midfielder Central defender 5
Defensive midfielder Central midfielder 5
Defensive midfielder Left full back 8
Defensive midfielder Left midfielder 8
Defensive midfielder Right full back 8
Defensive midfielder Right midfielder 8
Defensive midfielder Sweeper 8
Left midfielder Attacking midfielder 5
Left midfielder Central midfielder 5
Left midfielder Defensive midfielder 8
Left midfielder Left full back 5
Left midfielder Left winger 5
Left midfielder Right full back 20
Left midfielder Right midfielder 15
Right midfielder Attacking midfielder 5
Right midfielder Central midfielder 5
Right midfielder Defensive midfielder 8
Right midfielder Left full back 20
Right midfielder Left midfielder 15
From To Weeks
Right midfielder Right full back 5
Right midfielder Right winger 5
Central midfielder Attacking midfielder 5
Central midfielder Central defender 10
Central midfielder Centre forward 12
Central midfielder Defensive midfielder 5
Central midfielder Left full back 10
Central midfielder Left midfielder 5
Central midfielder Left winger 15
Central midfielder Right full back 10
Central midfielder Right midfielder 5
Central midfielder Right winger 15
Central midfielder Striker 15
Central midfielder Sweeper 12
Attacking midfielder Central midfielder 5
Attacking midfielder Centre forward 5
Attacking midfielder Defensive midfielder 10
Attacking midfielder Left midfielder 5
Attacking midfielder Left winger 12
Attacking midfielder Right midfielder 5
Attacking midfielder Right winger 12
Attacking midfielder Striker 8
Left winger Attacking midfielder 12
Left winger Central midfielder 15
Left winger Centre forward 18
Left winger Left full back 8
Left winger Left midfielder 5
Left winger Right winger 15
Left winger Striker 20
Right winger Attacking midfielder 12
Right winger Central midfielder 15
Right winger Centre forward 18
Right winger Left winger 15
Right winger Right full back 8
Right winger Right midfielder 5
Right winger Striker 20
Centre forward Attacking midfielder 5
Centre forward Central midfielder 12
Centre forward Left winger 18
Centre forward Right winger 18
Centre forward Striker 5
Striker Attacking midfielder 8
Striker Central midfielder 15
Striker Centre forward 5
Striker Left winger 20
Striker Right winger 20

If a player is injured then no positional training will take place during the weeks they are out of action. Positional training can be cancelled from the player details page.

Players who are transferred or loaned out will have their positional training automatically cancelled.

Positional training does not affect the skills of a player.

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