Controlling a 2nd team

Managers within the game can take control of a secondary team once they have been playing the game for 6 months. A secondary team needs to be applied for via the managers office. The team must be in a different country and teams in the lowest divisions will be prioritised. Applications by new managers will also get priority over secondary team applications. Rejections for an extra team are almost always because another manager applied for the same team first.

If successful in taking over a 2nd team you will have full control over this team and can switch between your teams via the managers office. You will always be the manager of your primary team upon signing into the site.


Transfers and loans between teams with the same manager will not be allowed.

Becoming unmanaged

If a 2nd team isn't accessed for a period of 2 weeks and dates of absence are unknown then the team may be released.

Cancelling a 2nd team

You can cancel a 2nd team whenever you like from the managers office. However, if you resign from managing a 2nd team then you have to wait 4 weeks (2 days for long term managers) until you can apply for another one.


Certain aspects of the web site will always show you as the manager of your primary team, regardless of the one you ae currently managing, as they aren't necessarily relevant to teams. Examples of this include the forums (as this is for general chat) and the list of rival managers currently signed into the site.