Communication between managers within Mystify Soccer is done several ways. Some managers may prefer to give their contact details to other managers and their private e-mail address will be displayed on their manager page if they have selected not to be a 'private player' on their account settings.

To communicate within the game there is a forums and a mailbox. The mailbox is the usual way of contact and more about this is explained below. The forum is for all managers to read and post within and topics for discussion can be as varied as managers require.

Communication is also needed from the gamemaster to the managers. All changes to the game and the most important information is communicated via news articles. This will usually contain explanations of any new changes or any developments being planned so it is worth keeping up with and can be added as an RSS feed.

Along with this is the development blog which will discuss changes in more detail, sometimes well before they are implemented, and even discuss changes that never happen. It is a place for ideas and can be commented on to leave opinions.

Contact to the gamemaster can be made via the contact form.


Mystify Soccer has a mail system within the game and each manager has a mailbox which will contain messages received from other managers and from the game itself. To send a manager a message go to their manager page and click the appropriate button. You can reply to a manager by reading the message and clicking the button to do so.

Messages from the game include anything from transfer updates to news about injured players and lots more. These message can not be replied to but they are there to assist you in your management.

The maibox will be automatically be cleared of old messages on a regular basis. Messages sent from the game engine or a manager who has since left the game, that have been read and were received over 4 weeks previously, will be cleared after every set of league matches.

Managers can block other managers from sending mail to them and can have their transfer requests and forum posts hidden. These are enabled and disabled from the managers information page.

Update e-mails

Within your account settings is an option to receive game updates to your primary e-mail address. These updates will contain game news and any mailbox messages that you may have.


For convenience, you can add any friends in the game to a special list where you can view their status at a glance.

Manager news articles

Managers may submit their own articles about the game which will be added to the news section. These articles can be about their team, division, country or any other aspect of the game they want to talk about. To submit an article for the site just paste it into the contact form.