Team selection

Details of your squad are shown on the website. The squads are updated after every match.

Managers must submit their team selection to the website before the deadline stated on the site.

To be selected before each match are;

  1. The 11 players which will start your next game.
  2. The team captain.
  3. The penalty taker.
  4. Up to 7 substitutes and appropriate instructions.
  5. Your match tactics (See below).

Managers can use any players listed in their squad list at the time of the match - even players on the transfer list.

Each position can only have 1 player selected to play there, with the exception of the following;

Position Maximum players
Defensive midfielder (DM) 2
Attacking midfielder (AM) 2
Central defender (CD) 3
Centre forward (CF) 3
Striker (ST) 3
Central midfielder (CM) 4

If a valid team selection is not selected then the computer will select a team for you.

If a captain is not selected then the computer will select a captain for you.

If a penalty taker is not selected then the computer will select one for you.

Substitutes will also be selected by the computer if not pre-selected. If there aren't enough players available to be substitutes then as many as possible will be selected.

A maximum of 5 substitutes will be allowed to come on during a match. If a player is injured and 5 substitutions have been made then the team will continue to play with less players.

Substitutions and positional changes

Managers can submit pre-determined substitutions or positional changes to occur during the match. These changes will only occur if they are possible at the time required and the scenario for the change is valid. Any substitutions set to run after the 90th minute are only valid if the match goes to extra time.

If a manager wants 2 players to swap position during a match then 2 separate instructions must be made. One for each player to move.

Tactic selection

Managers should also select their tactics before each match.

If tactics are not selected then the tactics used for your last game will be used.

Tactics must be selected for the start of the game and changes can be submitted to take place during the match. These aren't mandatory and can also be selected to occur only in specific scenarios. As with substitutions, any tactical changes set to run after the 90th minute are only valid if the match goes to extra time.

Descriptions of the different tactics are included on the tactics page.

The more aggressive a team plays, the more likely players are to receive yellow (booking) and red (sending off) cards. If a player receives 2 yellow card's in a game then they will be sent off.

Scenarios for changes during a match.

The following scenarios can be used when selecting substitutions and tactical changes to occur during a match;

  • if winning
  • if winning by at least 2 goals
  • if winning by at least 3 goals
  • if drawing
  • if losing
  • if losing by 2 or more goals
  • if losing by 3 or more goals
  • if opposition has more players
  • if opposition has less players

Scenarios involving player numbers involved in the match will take priority over scoreline scenarios and any changes will take place after the selected minute. Once the minute has passed, the requested change will not be reviewed again.

If a captain does not exist after substitutions (or sending offs) have occurred then the captaincy will go to the oldest player currently playing.

If a penalty taker does not exist after substitutions (or sending offs) have occurred then the penalty taking responsibilities will go to the currently playing player with the highest shooting ability.

Match reports

Once the matches have been played this web site will be updated ready for the next matches. A basic match report will be shown on the website.

Transfers & Loans