You can hire up to 6 scouts for your team. These can either be player scouts, to go out looking at the abilities of rival squads or for prospective signings, or tactic scouts.

Player scouts

There are 6 levels of player scouting that can be done and scouts can be hired at any of these levels. Each level has a weekly cost associated to it depending on the work involved for the scout. The levels and costs are as follows;

Level Cost per week Ability
1 £1,000 Can scout 1 player only.
2 £2,500 Can scout a playing area of a team.
3 £4,000 Can scout an entire team.
4 £6,000 Can scout for specified skills within a division.
5 £10,000 Can scout for specified skills within a country.
6 £20,000 Can scout for specified skills within the whole game.

Player scouts are hired (and paid) by the week. Each scout can only do 1 report per week and can only be released if they haven't created a report for the current week. Once a report has been created, it can be viewed until the scout creates a new report or is released. A report will give skills and abilities of players as they were when the report was created, the values will not stay up to date.

Tactic scouts

There are 2 levels of tactic scout that can be hired depending on whether you want to investigate teams in your own country or send them abroad. Costs for these scouts are per match and they are as follows;

Level Cost per match Ability
1 £2,000 Can scout any team in your country.
2 £5,000 Can scout any team in any country.

Tactic scouts are paid by the match and will report on the tactics which the team begins with. Once you assign a scout to a team they will report on every match the team plays until you cancel the scout or assign them to a new team.

If a team is left assigned for more than 1 match, the report will be continuously added to so you can establish if any patterns regarding the teams' tactics are emerging. This report will be available until the scout is released or given a new team to watch.

Player training