Scotland: First division

Player Team Age Pos
Jim Beam MotherwellMotherwell 25 CD
Orville Wright MotherwellMotherwell 25 LD
Robert Lampard MotherwellMotherwell 25 CD
Montgomery Scott MotherwellMotherwell 25 RD
Hans Listshsteiner Dundee UnitedDundee United 26 LD
Rüdiger Wolff Ross CountyRoss County 32 ST
George Graham ArbroathArbroath 32 CM
Stuart MacDonald ArbroathArbroath 24 CD
Alistair Macdonald Queen Of The SouthQueen Of The South 29 RD
James Macbeth ArbroathArbroath 27 CM
David Ralph LivingstonLivingston 20 CF
Joseph Bango Dundee UnitedDundee United 28 ST
Frederick Walsh LivingstonLivingston 20 RM
Iain Taylor ClydeClyde 28 CF
Andrey Sokolov Dundee UnitedDundee United 31 GK
Arshad Khamis Dundee UnitedDundee United 31 RD
Johnny McMahon ArbroathArbroath 24 GK
Jorge Costinha ClydeClyde 27 SW
Finlay Wilson Queen Of The SouthQueen Of The South 29 ST
Niall Jameson Queen Of The SouthQueen Of The South 31 LD