Article posted on 24 December 2021 at 10:48am

Merry Christmas

Just a quick message to wish you all a good break.

I've now completed a big chunk of work behind the scenes to bring the site into more modern coding techniques, using more browser functionality instead of server processing. This took a long time, so it feels like a major milestone to me - even though it's hardly noticeable to you. The next big job I want to do is another site upgrade, where I upgrade the HTML structures, but I'm going to leave that for a while and concentrate on more game-based changes for a bit.

You'll hopefully have seen some things that have been added around the site recently, and I have quite a few ideas that I want to try and throw in that are small chunks of work in comparison to the big jobs that can take months (or years) to do in spare time.

Player assists are in play, but for some reason the game engine is not recording them all, so you may see an increase over the next few weeks as I try and pinpoint the ones that are missing for future games.

Thanks for playing!

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