Article posted on 23 December 2020 at 11:59am

A strange year

2020 is nearly complete and seasonal celebrations are about to occur - to an extent at least.

I'd like to take this time to give you a bit of an update. Due to the excess downtime this year (mainly in April), I have probably been able to add more to Mystify than I have done for a few years which I'm pleased about. I still have a huge list that never seems to get any shorter, but I'll continue to work through it any chance I get, and as it looks like the world isn't improving any time in the near future, there should be more additions and changes sooner rather than later.

As you are aware, contracts are now in place and I am continuously tweaking bits of the transfer system. One task I am working on at the moment is the transfer decision process as I want to add more logic to it and prepare for my next changes, which I'll come onto.

Transfer decisions currently have each player having a preference between playing in his own country, contract lengths, team level, salary and a few more. In some cases it combines more than one of them, but I'm trying to change it so that it combines them all in a more realistic way. I appreciate I am not going into detail here, but it should then be far better (at least in my head it will be).

Once I have done this, I have 2 transfer related things I intend top work on - one is to give the purchasing team the facility to confirm the incoming transfer. This will mainly assist when going for free transfers as currently a team could offer 6 contracts and get all 6 - this may not actually be wanted. This ties into the contract decision work, as if a transfer is rejected at the last moment, I need the player to have a 2nd choice lined up.

Secondly, and this I think will be a big one, some transfers will be automatically accepted. If there is no reason for it to be rejected by a manager (as in the team isn't a divisional rival, and it is an equal financial bid) then the board will accept it. If the board don't accept it then the options should stay as normal. This won't be a quick addition, but it is on my radar. I feel this will open the market up a bit more.

Whilst doing all this, I have been making smaller additions and improvements to the site in completely random areas - all mentioned in the changelog - and I actually have more already completed - I just don't want to put them live over the Christmas period and find out I didn't get things quite right, leading to panic fixing! I intend to put these live in January but if I find time between Christmas and New Year then I may well do it then.

I expect that I'll continue to add random smaller bits as I work on the slightly bigger transfer tasks.

Finally, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for playing this hobby of mine.

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