Article posted on 29 March 2021 at 2:07pm

Game date changes

I'd forgotten about Easter! (I blame the days currently all being the same)

As I'm still running the game manually, for a few more weeks only I hope, I have moved the next match days to avoid the Easter weekend.

I'm hoping that next weekend I'll be able to upload the next changes too, which includes yet more contract fixes (Thanks to everyone who mails with decisions they think are quirks).

It will also include improvements to the scouting page - for small screens - and the scouting results to display which players are less likely to want to transfer. It will list current transfer requests on a players page also.

Oh and I've made a change to the transfer offer limiting to give managers the choice of whether they want to utilise it or not, as well as for it not to count when a player has been listed for transfer. It was put in to stop certain managers endlessly pointlessly submitting bids, but I think the choice is better.

Finally, there should be an option to have the results mailed alongside some more minor fixes and improvements.

However, don't forget the match day changes!

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