Article posted on 03 November 2020 at 2:51pm

Transfer request change

I've just made a change to the transfer request system to disallow a player being involved with multiple transfers between the same teams.

So if Player A is going to a team either as the main transfer or as part of a swap deal then the first request will be allowed but no more after that.

I have been trying to allow it but in the end it has proved too complex when it comes to linking to which contract offer belongs to which request and has caused some issues this week which I've had to try and sort out.

I initially tried linking contract offers to a request but whilst doing that I decided that was unrealistic in real life so reverted back to the beginning of the process to stop it even happening.

As usual, do let me know of any bugs or problems you find.

I've been a bit slow on updates and fixes recently due to self isolation issues (not me personally) and I appreciate some things transfer-wise have gone a bit wrong due to bugs or situations I haven't previously thought of. I've attempted to resolve them in the meantime but have been building a little list of things I need to change in terms of contracts and transfers before I get back onto my longer list of general game improvements. Hopefully I'll get chance to start implementing some of them after this weekend.

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