Article posted on 14 October 2019 at 10:14am

Contracts update

As you are likely aware, I've been making tweaks and additions to the new contracts system since I implemented it.

One of the additions has been related to trying to keep salaries sensible whereby directors can stop a contract offer if they think it is not sensible.

Unfortunately I found a strange quirk with this system last night that I had missed in tests whereby an offer would be cancelled by the directors even if it was sensible. I have now fixed this so if you have had contracts rejected over the last week or so for the reason of taking the overall squad salaries too high then please submit the offers again.If you get the same message this time then it will be valid but most that have been rejected will actually get past that check now.

You may have seen that I have been visiting other areas of the site and aspects of the game also recently. That doesn't mean the work with contracts is complete, it just means I'm trying to do less fundamental improvements whilst I monitor contracts. I suspect I'll be monitoring for a good few weeks yet and possibly making amendments for some time longer - just as I see how it all affects the game.

At some point, I'm planning on linking retirements into the contracts so players don't sign if they are planning on retiring but at the moment I've left the retirements system untouched. I am updating the rules as and when game changes are made so do remember this when mailing me questions - they may already be answered on there.

As an example of other things I'm working on, my next task is to change the new message/mail creation so that it is done within the mailbox page. I appreciate changes like this aren't taking the game forwards as such but they are required to keep making development simpler and the site more up-to-date with modern devices.

I'm trying to vary the work I do between general improvements to the site and new additions to the game.

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