Article posted on 04 October 2019 at 10:08am

Christos arrives at Rovers

Rovers can now confirm the signing of experienced Midfielder Jesus Christos from Sevilla. The Spaniard will add much needed depth and experience to the position and ill most lightly play meaning that a change of formation may be lightly for rovers. The experienced Spaniard should be a decent addition to the side specially with his strong passing and tackling skills. This will be a useful addition in the midfield roll. McNamara said the following.

"Jesus adds much needed experience to our squad, he's a player with fantastic abilities and hopefully will help provide chances for our strikers. It will now allow us to experiment a bit formation wise and see what options we have available to us. He's older than we'd really like but younger than Arron Brown who's gone as part of the deal. He's lightly to come into the side straight away."

Article by Ian McNamara

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