Article posted on 06 August 2019 at 12:56pm

Blackburn Rovers - New Manager

Blackburn Rovers announced a new manager yesterday. It has been a long search but finally Blackburn Rovers have managed to find a new manager. The manager in question is life long Blackburn Rovers supporter 35 year old Ian McNamara.

Ian although new to Mystify comes with management experience from other games and is hoping that he can turn the tide for his life long club. Rovers currently find themselves in the bottom division of English football and McNamara hopes to change that. He spoke earlier to the news about his appointment.

"When I saw that Blackburn were looking for a manager I could not turn the chance down. They are the club I have supported my whole life and the chance to take them on was to good to resist. My aim is to get them threw the leagues and bring them back to where they belong. It's going to be a hard task but we came to make it a possibility. To start with we'll just be getting use to the squad and working out what we have and then plan accordingly. We are also planning to get six players into the youth academy so we can start developing some future talent. This season as it's close to the end we just aim to finish as high as possible, after that we'll start planning for next season where the real work can begin. With only three games to go we'll just take the time to get use to the way things work, an idea of the worth of players and work out the best way to start lowering the age of our squad. My aim is to slowly start making Blackburn a force again and one day play back in the top flight."

Article by Ian McNamara

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