Article posted on 29 July 2019 at 9:55am

Contracts are go....

I'm planning on switching contracts on this evening after the cup matches.

My thinking is that if it all goes wrong I can reset all salaries and make the fixes before starting again - however I'm hoping it won't fail to that extent.

I've done lots of testing but there may well be scenarios that I haven't thought of or bugs I haven't come across yet.

This is the biggest change to the game in years so hopefully you can be patient whilst it gets implemented.

I have lots of other ides I want to throw into the game once this is live but I want this all to bed in first before I confuse other aspects of the game.

I won't have updated the rules in full with the new changes. That's on my list to do but in general - you will just need to offer contracts to every player that you are going to sign. If they are under contract then you need to have an offer accepted first and you can also try offering longer contracts to your own players.

There's a process that will run every day that will manage all transfers and contracts. Eventually this will be something that I set to run on the server by itself but for now, I'll be bringing the site down once a day - work permitting, probably in the afternoon - just to manually run things (it's far easier to find/fix errors that way).

Don't panic if a player gets transferred that shouldn't have been - just contact me ASAP so I can investigate.

Let's see how it goes.......

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