Article posted on 29 March 2019 at 3:40pm

More contract updates

Slowly slowly..... finding bits of time to keep progressing the major change I want to implement.

I'm 2/3rds of the way through the contract decision process that players will be using when I initially implement it. I expect everything I've done to be re-evaluated as the game progresses but I need to start with something and I feel like I've almost broken the back of the complexity.

There will be 3 ways that a player needs to decide on a contract. One from their current club to extend (done), one when it is a transfer that has been accepted (done) and a final one for players in the transfer pool (which will no longer be a place for bids, just contract offers) or that are out of contract with their current team (being done next).

Once that is done, I can start back with things on the website. Lots will have to change and there will be a bit of overlap for a few months whilst things get plugged in I would guess.

Off the top of my head, here are advance warnings of changes that I still need to work on, in no particular order;

As said above, the transfer pool will become a place to offer contracts and players will go here when released on free transfers. Transfers will no longer go through on initial acceptance. I'll need a hidden pool of players to assist when teams get low on numbers. Player ratings will no longer be re-set for new teams. Youth players will get a default contract to start with. Teams will be able to make offers to players whose contracts have expired at clubs with no transfer fee required (initially at least). I need to set every current player with a starting contract and disable the functionality that currently calculates salaries each week.

There's no chance I can throw everything into the game at once but I will do my best to explain the changes as they happen. First, I need to finish the contract work anyway but hopefully you can get the idea of how much work is involved with this fundamental change.

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