Article posted on 06 March 2019 at 3:32pm

Contracts update

I appreciate it's been a while since my last update but here is where I'm at with developments.

You have probably seen the contract offer aspect within a players' details page - the ones at your team. It's this process I am currently working through. As you can hopefully appreciate, this isn't very simple as a player wants to be happy and playing as well as earning the bug bucks - so it's not just the highest salary offer that is accepted.

Eventually this has to be linked into the transfer system and being able to offer contracts to players with no contract at other teams. So I'm trying to consider all possibilities with a players contract decision even though the website doesn't let you do most of them yet.

I also have to do calculations as to when a player will accept an offer. For players without a team or out of contract it will be much more urgent but otherwise, not so much.

Part of the delay is actually just thinking time as I attempt to come up with the best ways to do things.

I know it's slow going and you can't see anything that is being worked on but I just wanted to assure you that things are still happening. I suspect player contracts will really shake the game up so I need to to spend some time getting it right.

As an aside, I have also made some changes to the mail count within the header so it will update every couple of minutes even if you don't change (or reload) the page. It's probably not too relevant at the moment but will become so as I implement more client-side systems.

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