Article posted on 09 July 2019 at 4:47pm

Development update

This has taken a while but I think I've got through the most complex of the contract code when it comes to players deciding who they want to play for.

As you can hopefully appreciate this wasn't a 5 minute job! It will probably also change over time as its evaluated but it has to start somewhere.

I'm now just working on actually processing the transfers once a contract is agreed, which I'm going to tweak slightly so that more complex deals can be done in the future;

At the moment you can do a 'swap' and that's it but, without allowing transfers that are too stupid (like 4 players for 2 players), I'd like to have a bit more flexibility in agreements at some point. This is certainly not high on the agenda but as I'm making changes to transfer processing it makes sense to do some groundwork. In the early stages you'll see that transfers that are a swap will actually show as 2 transfers and then there will be some future work to be done where I will show the related deals on the site.

The bigger change, once I'm ready, will be that transfers will no longer process upon an 'Accept' button being clicked. This is because the player will then needs to be offered a contract. So 'Accept' will then open up a new page (yet to be built) whereby this can occur.

Due to this new way of working, there is going to be a daily routine - probably at 5pm - that will run and sort out contracts and transfers so any 'deals' will only go through at this point.

Initially, it may not be like clockwork as I'll need to manually run things and check things are working but once settled, I'll set it to run automatically. There's an even longer term plan to put match playing in this same process (so it doesn't matter if I am absent for a few days).

So lots of changes planned and there will be some web site work needed once I've finished the transfer processing. The trick for me is to create this new functionality on the site without it actually being officially used. As and when this happens, I'll do my best to explain what's going on.

We are still a way off but I wanted to put the future changes in an update to make you aware of what's going to happen so its not all sprung on you without warning!

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