Article posted on 13 August 2018 at 9:54am

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Progress update

Good news at last... finally, I have got to the stage where I can start making improvements to the game.

I know its been a long time coming. The conversion to mobile friendly and removing old code to make the current functionality slicker seems to have taken years but I'm there now.

My next big job is to look at player contracts but before I get onto that, I'm going to try and throw in some much smaller improvements on my list. This is not because I'm putting off contracts - I just want to shrink my list a bit to make it feel less daunting overall!

I'm attempting to keep the changelog page up-to-date with anything I do put live (the things not match engine related anyway) and, as usual, do drop me a mail if you see any issues.

When it comes to contracts, you may well see extra functionality on the site at some point that will be ignored for a while whilst it is built. For example, there may come a time where you have to offer a contract, even though it won't be taken into account. I'll do this so that you can get used to things slowly rather than have a big launch at the end to confuse everybody! It also means that I can do other bits of stuff alongside it if I feel the need rather than having to wait until contracts is completely finished.

As and when this stage is reached, the rules and news will keep you updated.

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