Article posted on 24 August 2018 at 5:02pm

Another update

Hi all

You may have seen random changes to the site over the last couple of weeks, including, unfortunately a couple of silly little bugs that I have now resolved.

Apologies if you have been on the site when it has suddenly disappeared whilst I uploaded changes but a couple of them were stopping things working so I had to get them fixed ASAP. I do test locally but sometimes there is a particular scenario that I have forgotten about.

If you haven't noticed, then the actual changes have been things like making confirmation pop-ups all work with the same style - rather than some which were using a browser's own pop-up system - and making checkboxes all look the same around the site. Simple things but I feel necessary for the user experience to have some continuity.

You may also have noticed a little log of recent sign ins on a manager page so you can see how active a manager is. You can also now cancel a secondary team application to re-apply for one (providing it hasn't been processed in the meantime of course) and set yourself to receive an email reminder for every game, rather than when you haven't picked a team.

You may also have seen random bits of player contract text appearing as I start to slowly get into the system. Don't worry about them for now. Nothing but display is changing.

I'm aiming to pick up on contract work over the next few weeks. I'll update you as and when.

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