Article posted on 21 July 2018 at 10:01am

Development update

I realised I haven't given an update for a while and don't want you to think that development has stagnated so thought a quick update should be given.

I'm still working my way through functionality changes on the website and have quite a few of them completed and ready to upload, which I hope to do over the next few days. If I don't get chance then that doesn't mean any delay in the work I'm doing, it just means when I do remember to upload them, there will probably be more of them done.

I'm currently half way through the page where you can put your players on the transfer list and when this is completed I hope to remember to get the changes, to date, into action for real. That will then leave me with team selection, tactic selection, scouts and loan requests to change over before I feel like the site is finally suitable for some proper development. By that I mean new features and functionality as well as proper improvements to pages, rather than just improving the back end code for no noticeable benefit to you.

So, in short - things are still progressing but nothing that you will necessarily notice.

I do have a great big list of future improvements though so when I finally get onto it, i'll be spoilt for choice of what to do first!

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