Article posted on 07 July 2017 at 11:10am

General update

Just a quick update as you won't have seen many updates to the site in the last few weeks.

This is not because things aren't progressing - they are! It's just that I'm attempting to do something new in a new development environment & language so there's a bit of learning time required. I did suggest that updates may slow during this phase.

I did make a recent breakthrough and got something working successfully in my test environment. I need another breakthrough before I can start finalising the actual code required though. Hopefully I'll get that soon and can then start linking the site into this new work.

Once I'm at that stage I will make the speed and code improvements to the site and then begin looking at new functionality.

Player contracts is the main one and after that, I intend to be looking into altering the transfer restraints. In some cases, they will be tightened and that is in the case of 2nd teams. I've found a few managers using 2nd teams as tools to do transfers for their main team and, although not currently against the rules, I feel this is not in the spirit of the game so I aim to crack down on this wherever I can. Before I get chance to do so, please let me know if you suspect a transfer is done this way and I will investigate.

In terms of relaxing the constraints, I plan to eventually go to 2 levels and attempt to bring in some kind of manager verification. I haven't finalised exactly how this will work yet but it will not be mandatory and will not stop anybody playing the game. Player contracts will enable me to relax transfer restrictions anyway so all will benefit. Any managers who comes into the verified category should then get slightly more relaxations but I am aiming to get the balance right between opening up the transfer market and stopping cheats.

Once this is done, I hope to push the game a bit more to try and get more managers but these are much further plans in the future. That's before I get onto my wish list of things I want to implement.

For now, please bear with me whilst I work on this new code behind the scenes.

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