Article posted on 14 September 2017 at 12:27pm

Another update

I just thought you were due another update. I know things are moving slowly - or non-existent as far as you are all concerned.

I am getting nearer with my investigations/research about doing what I want to do to the gane and am now in a position to start making some changes to the back end of the site.

I started off investigating a way of securing the API that I want to build (which will make things generally slicker) and I have ended up concluding that I need to change the way the current website is secured first.

So that's my next task. I'm hopeful I can do this relatively quickly and that you won't even know when it's been done. Once that is complete, then I'm in position to actually test some things out regarding the next stage of applying the same security to the API.

I do appreciate this probably means nothing to most of you, but this work needs doing to bring things forward into a structure that will enable more flexibility going forwards.

Thanks for continuing to play whilst I get this less interesting work done. I promise I have a big list of far more noticeable game changes to get started on once it's completed.

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