Article posted on 17 May 2017 at 3:33pm

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Initial conversion completed

As you have probably seen, my initial conversion of pages has been completed so all the pages within the site should now fit (and work) on a mobile device without problems.

I now need to re-visit a lot of pages and make them more user friendly. As part of this, I am intending on building an API for the site. This will mean nothing to most of you but, once done, it will give me the opportunity to make all the pages perform actions much more easily and add extra functionality without having to concentrate on layout as much.

It will also give me something that I can potentially give to managers, who ask, so that they can build their own sites and apps should they wish to - I'll need to sort out security on this first though.

The reason I'm doing all this is so that then I can finally concentrate on player contracts! I'll be bringing this in gradually when I get to it though so don't expect any sudden issues with all your players wanting to leave!

This next bit may take a while first though so please be patient if you don't see any site updates for a while.

Do tell me of any issues you currently find though. Thanks to the managers who have been doing this as I have been doing the initial conversion.

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