Article posted on 25 April 2017 at 2:16pm

SSL warnings

Just a note to mention the SSL warning that some browsers (Firefox/Chrome for example) now show.

They will now advise that is insecure and that is indeed the case in terms of data transmission between your computer and the website.

It always has been this way - ever since the site was built 20 years ago. It's just now that browsers are choosing to warn people of this fact.

The warning actually appears because of the password field and the fact I have the characters hidden on entry in that particular field. Browsers just want to warn users that this data will not be transmitted with any encryption.

The only ways to stop this warning are for me to make that field display the entered characters, which I prefer not to do because it is a password field after all, or for me to install an SSL certificate on the server for the site. Unfortunately SSL certificates cost money and as I run the site for free, I won't be buying an SSL certificate.

I have been investigating a free SSL certificate but that's something that I haven't had time to investigate in full yet. Free options I have found aren't as straightforward as ones that are paid for. Although, with browsers now displaying this warning, more options for free certificates may appear. Therefore, it may happen but I can't make any promises.

The basic fact is that there is no new security threat or issue. If somebody really wanted to intercept your password for Mystify Soccer then they could indeed do so. Why they'd want to is a totally different question.....

So that warning will continue appear but it is just a warning and nothing fundamental.

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