Article posted on 25 April 2017 at 1:56pm


Transfer filtering

In terms of the transfer list and pool search functionality (aka filtering), don't panic! It will be back soon (but cleaned up).

It was never in the plan to remove the filtering permanently. Last nights' site update was mainly to put other fixes live whilst the site was running matches and it just happened to contain the transfer list page as it was at the time.

I just want the filters on the Transfer Pool and List to technically work the same way as each other, as it makes it much easier to manage going forwards.

They were both previously programmed very differently, at different times. I had to strip out this old code first in order to implement it in a different way, otherwise there would have been code conflicts.

It makes more sense that they work very similar and have a similar look and feel and I actually implemented it last night, albeit after the matches, so it should be back in on Friday.

There will no longer be an option of how to order the players though as this is now done by clicking column headers. The transfer list will have the date of addition added back in though - that was just an oversight in my part.

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