Article posted on 22 January 2023 at 12:21am

Unfortunate error - database restored

Hi all,

I'm afraid I need to give myself a yellow card.

The transfers that occurred on Saturday went wrong - well just involving 1 player actually - this player has managed to be involved in 2 transfers at the same time and both happened! Which caused quite a few issues - I did originally try and resolve it all by manipulating the data, but it became more and more confusing, so in the end, I regrettably decided the best course of action was a database restore.

I have, of course, attempted to fix the bug, to stop it ever happening again - fingers crossed!

This means, that anything since 2pm on Saturday 21st January has been lost - so any changes you made to your team - and all messages (and anything else at all) will unfortunately be needed to be re-done.

Besides this fix, I'm hoping to upload a few other more minor fixes and improvements within the next few weeks - totally unrelated to this but hopefully you'll see that development is happening.

Apologies again!

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