Article posted on 06 July 2022 at 2:20pm

Calarasi win their 3rd!

AFC Dunarea 2005 Calarasi have won their 3rd European cup.

8 seasons after their last success in the competition, they faced a Liverpool side who were desperate for European success, and the game was one of the closest in living memory.

The game didn't really get going until the 2nd half, with the first half being a very drab affair, full of nervy touches and a defensive focus by both teams. The second half, came to life spectacularly though as a lazy start by Liverpool from the kick-off let NiƱo Tormenta steal the ball from a poor Dave Berry pass and run almost the full length of the pitch before getting too excited and smashing it over the bar.

This, for whatever reason, was the cue for a much more positive outlook from both teams and the game lost its nervousness with attacking intent on display for the majority of the half.

Unfortunately, due to poor shooting and good goalkeeping, there wasn't a breakthrough in terms of score, but Liverpool probably shaded the chances in terms of quality and towards the end of 90 minutes, it looked as though they were going to win it.

However, disaster struck in injury time as goalkeeper Brad Henson attempted to start off a quick break, only to misjudge the throw and Yacouba Ouedraogo was able to capitalise with a fantastic through ball into the path of Bartosz Ciupaga who was clumsily brought down by Yann Nija just inside the penalty box.

Ciupaga despatched the penalty into the top left corner, leaving Liverpool dejected and Calarasi fans to begin the party.

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