Article posted on 05 January 2022 at 9:41am

Money money money

I'm afraid I need to give myself a yellow card, if not a red!

I have been looking at tweaks to the sponsorship system and noticed yesterday that one of the weekly processes, around money, has not been happening - probably since I switched the system to the new match engine - some time ago now!

So it's back and from this week, you will all be paying your manager and staff salaries, and getting merchandising sales.

It's not something I can go back and re-process at this late stage, unfortunately, but if you are new to the game, these payments always did previously happen in the game - they aren't a new feature. It's just been some time since they actually did occur.

Actually, I tell a lie, the staff salaries used to happen. The Manager salary is new.

On brighter news, I do have a few things I am building into a new version of the site, which will hopefully include the sponsorship tweaks, that some of you may appreciate; I will be moving the 2nd team management options away from the 'office' page and into a new page within the account details. This will also give you the option to switch your alternative team to be your primary team, as I'm aware some managers like to take on new projects from time to time. I will also be highlighting your three best players according to the match engine - using the same criteria as the 'top players' charts - after it was correctly suggested the teams with players in these charts could see who their better players actually were - and the rest couldn't.

I'm hoping to do more work on this new version during this month but, as usual, I can't give timescales.

Thanks for playing.

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