Article posted on 20 April 2020 at 10:32am


First of all, apologies for switching a limit on transfer fees during the early part of last week. I meant to post a news article and it completely slipped my mind.

Anyway, I'm hoping to be implement some big code changes this week at some point - at which time I will have also increased that limit again - not to what it was previously but more than it is now. I will remove it again at some point.

Regarding the code changes, there are several reasons for them;

One is to give me the option to switch on the functionality to have more than one player in a transfer deal. There will still be 1 main player being purchased but the fee will be able to be topped up by more than one player - I'll probably limit it to 3 for sensible reasons. This won't be switched on to begin with whilst I make sure the new code does actually work properly but at least I'll have built it in.

Another reason is to be able to give me the ability to show the status of contract agreements on the transfer pages - so you can see why a deal isn't currently happening. For example, a player being used as a swap, hasn't agreed a contract yet.

The main reason though is due to the fact I screwed up when initially setting up the contract process. I'll try my best to explain it - When a transfer has been fully agreed - fee and contracts then it is presumed it will then go through and all other agreements for that player get removed. Of course, the transfer may then fail for another reason (player numbers, finances etc) and it just fails. The other agreed deals no longer exist at this point which is where the flaw is. So I'm making it so that players can agree more than one contract 'in principle' but they'll decide which one to accept when the system knows it can definitely go through

I've also found little bugs and put in other tweaks whilst doing all this over the last week and I'm hoping the new changes improve the system dramatically.

Once I have these live, I have quite a few small changes which I intend to work on so there may be updates in relatively quick succession - depending on what time I get free. The changelog will contain all the individual changes as, and when, they are implemented.

As always, there may be one or two bugs to iron out so do let me know if you spot anything that you feel isn't quite right and I'll do my best to sort it out. There are so many transfer & contract scenarios it is very possible I have missed some.

Thanks for your patience

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