Article posted on 05 November 2019 at 10:16am

Acceptance of transfer offers

I'd just like to clarify a situation that occurred last night and the change I intend to make to solve it.

Unfortunately it's a situation that I never considered (one of many I hear you say) but each one of these situations that is found should slowly mean the system improves.

So a particular player had several transfer offers accepted by the manager around 8:30pm last night. All fine so far, but then the contract process runs at 10pm and the player accepted one of the contracts offered at that time,meaning that the other transfer offers were then automatically rejected.

Basically upon acceptance, teams had 90 minutes to offer a contract and those that didn't found they missed out and it looked like the selling team chose a lesser offer. In reality they didn't, they just accepted any of the amounts and left it to the player to decide. I hope that makes sense in terms of what happened.

I am going to make some tweaks over the next couple of days to give at least 48 hours to offer a contract before the player decides on a contract in this situation. Admittedly, if the offer is never accepted then it may still be rejected automatically to a seemingly lesser offer but I'm not sure what I can do about that (although I have just made a note to add a minimum auto acceptance bid when listing players as a future change).

I'm also going to change the 'rejection' message to explain why better. Oh and change the shortlist offer accepted to include the team name as I have noticed this missing too.

As an aside, I'm currently converting the match engine so that it will be able to run automatically, without my participation, like the contract process does, which means my absences won't change schedules and I can look at either speeding up game weeks or adding friendlies - that's a while off I guess though as I only started a week ago and it's a big job.


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