Article posted on 01 June 2018 at 9:41am

Site access issues

I'm aware that some people can't currently access the site - myself included intermittently, which is why I attempted to move the match date (and accidentally moved the cup one instead of the league one).

The issue is with the domain name resolution which I have never had a problem with until now. However, recently I moved the domain to a different host due to the previous one merging with a company I don't like. I figured I would give them a trial and this has just told me that the trial has failed.

Apparently somebody has dug through a cable in a field somewhere which has caused this issue but I can't believe 1 cable chop would cause this many problems so I shall be moving the management again once I can.

In the meantime, apologies if you haven't been able to access the site due to this issue and for those that can, I may well move matches again yet - if I do, I'll update the match date in the system.

Currently league games are later today (1st) and cup games are on Monday (4th).

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