Article posted on 14 December 2017 at 1:49pm

Development update

Yes, things are happening - not as fast as I like but that's what happens when a 10 month old eats into your free time I guess.

I thought it was worth providing an update as I am continuing.

I've progressed quite a lot of the next stage (creating API functionality) within my local development environment and completed necessary aspects like error handling & security (which take some time and are quite boring to detail). These can now be used for all the next bits of functionality so things will continue to get quicker.

The page I'm actually working on to get live next is an updated youth academy page. If you are wondering why that page then it was just pot-luck. There are a few pages within the site that still contain an older way of functioning - code that I need to get rid of. The youth academy page is just one of them and the first one I picked. I'll be working my way through the others afterwards and then finally, will get onto new features.

So I'll let you know when that particular change is uploaded - it won't actually do anything different but it will have a better user interface which should also be much slicker.

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