Article posted on 10 November 2017 at 5:48pm

Season 32 concluded

32 seasons completed......I'm hoping season 33 is where you start seeing proper changes to the site and game - I have done a lot of background work over the last few months and am hoping to do some more this weekend which will give me a direction to go in for the first stage of visible changes. Quite often, when working on the game, I end up with more questions than answers to work my way through but I'm hoping to just get answers for a while now and, if I don't, possibly change the way I will program some things.

Anyway, that's for a future news article - for now I congratulate all the champions and promoted teams along with sending commiserations to the ones who just missed out or will be playing in a lower division next season.

The new season will start on Monday - for any new managers, that means that prize money will be paid, fixtures will be decided and players will age etc.

The first league matches of the new season will actually take place on Thursday and keep your eyes open over the next couple of months for date changes. Until I can get them automated (which is on my list along with increasing frequency slightly) then times will change depending on my real life locations.

Thanks, as always, for playing!

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