Article posted on 24 March 2017 at 10:38pm

Progress update

I've just found a long standing bug related to TV matches! Top divisions should always have had 2 games a week and yet in certain scenarios, only 1 was being chosen. I think that bug has existed for years but hopefully it's resolved going forwards. Apologies to all teams that have missed out on TV money. I don't know who they were and I can't go backwards and dish it out but if any manager spots only 1 TV match in a top division game next season then please let me know.

That was absolutely nothing to do with the current updates but lots of code is being re-visited just because of them and I happened to spot it.

As for the site design, you have probably seen that pages are slowly being moved into the new layout and I hope you are finding them much easier to use on mobile devices without too much compromise if you have a big screen.

Some redesigned pages may not stay as they now are forever because I still want to revisit them all again to improve the overall user experience. This current update is just to get the layout changed, although I am throwing in one or two ideas where I'm getting chance, such as more options to download and export data. You may also have seen the option to change the league table between overall and home/away records.

My end game is to make it all quicker and smoother and keep it progressing - including extra features in the game itself, but I don't want to get ahead of myself so the current task of removing the old layout from pages is what I am focusing on as a priority.

I hope to keep this ticking along with a few a week but I'll apologise beforehand if there are a few quiet weeks at times. Home and work life does get busy at times and some of the pages involve more work than others.

Do let me know if there are any usability issues on pages that have been converted though - a page has been completed as far as I am concerned when the 'This page is not yet fully mobile friendly. Layout issues may occur.' message isn't displayed on it.

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