Article posted on 03 March 2017 at 5:52pm


Gone for it!

OK.... so let's see what problems this causes.....

As you can probably see, the site looks very different.

I have tried to keep the navigation very similar so that you don't get too lost and I hope it isn't too daunting.

It should be a little more user friendly on mobile devices now though, although I have still to go through a lot of the pages and 'clean them up'.

Apart from the look and feel, functionality should be exactly the same as you are used to on all the pages apart from when you sign in.

Please do let me know if any functionality doesn't work though and I will aim to fix it over the weekend. This doesn't include the sorting of data on some pages as I know that is now broken and will be fixed in due course.

Please do not let me know if something just looks strange. I'm aware that most pages are in need of being sorted to be mobile friendly and going through them is my next job. I just wanted to get this overhaul live in an effort to get things moving and I will ignore any contacts about design issues - unless of course the design stops something working.

If there are too many issues then I will just put the previous site back for a while. Hopefully this won't be needed though.

If the site is randomly unavailable over the weekend then it will only be because I am making fixes.

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