Article posted on 04 February 2017 at 10:39am

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Mobile friendly (Responsive) site update

This is still continuing and I hope to be doing some more later today.

I have completed the header menu for managers which was the last sticking point of the outer structure before bringing the current content into this.

I'm now hoping it won't take too long to bring all the current pages across and then put it live! This may even be this week depending on how things go.

I want to get the outer live as soon as possible because if there are any issues spotted by managers, it will be better to catch and fix them before I go through the content to save me potentially having to fix the same issue several times.

So please be aware that you may see a sudden change when accessing the site at any time now. I can't say whether that will be today or in a few weeks but I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible and will want to put it all live once it is ready without waiting too long.

Of course, if there are major problems once I have done this then I will be able to put the current site back but I'm hoping this won't be the case.

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