Article posted on 24 January 2017 at 3:08pm

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Mobile friendly site

I thought I would try and supply you with an update for something I have been working on for a few months.

A lot of Mystify Soccer managers are accessing the site via mobile devices, and have been for a good few years. I have also known for the same period that the site isn't very mobile friendly.

A couple of years ago, I decided that the priority should be to resolve this issue. I know there haven't been many features added to the game for a while either but I'm trying to avoid building new features into the current site, only to have to re-do them at some point in the future. A mobile friendly site will also improve ranking on search engines.

Unfortunately it has been a couple of years because life keeps getting in the way, and it will continue to do so. Due to this, I'm looking for a way to give you all something to see so that you can see slow progress being made rather than the 'none at all' that you currently see.

Therefore I'm toying with the idea of launching a site that is half mobile friendly and half not.....hopefully this will make sense but the site itself has an 'outer' shell that is the header, footer and menu. Within this shell go all the individual pages.

My plan is that I change the outer shell of the site and then work through the pages afterwards so at launch the menu/header/footer will scroll and resize nicely (providing it works) but the actual page content may end up stretching pages or looking a bit odd. I'll then work through the pages as and when I get chance to make them all look better and flow better for mobile devices.

Alongside this, I will be trying to improve performance and create a generally better user interface on each page. I may even get chance to add new functionality as I go through the pages.

Eventually I will then have completed the whole site and any new features will only have to be done once.

I've nearly finished the new outer shell and then I need to bring in all the pages of the current site into my development environment and make sure there is nothing major wrong. If there isn't, then I intend to launch it for you all to see.

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