Article posted on 19 March 2012 at 2:39pm

Headed ball

Transfer fee negotiation

I've just updated the site to provide the functionality to negotiate a transfer fee.

This does NOT include players involved in a swap deal so you can't go back and request their best player instead of the one that was originally offered. You can only negotiate the actual fee. If an offer is made involving a player you don't want then you just have to reject it and perhaps negotiate via mail.

My guess is that most players offered in swap have either been sorted out beforehand or are one of a few players that are willing to be swapped and letting negotiations go backwards and forwards whilst the receiving manager keeps changing the player they want are not how I want it to work. Most transfers in the real world don't involve swaps anyway.

To assist with this, I've also changed the cancel, reject and accept transfer mail messages to be sent from the team involved so you can reply to them directly. For the next update I shall do the same to the loan messages.

I've also tweaked the match report to try and make sure colours are indeed different for each team, although this is not actually that easy to do when the colours are very similar (different shades of blue for example). If you spot any match reports where the team colours aren't that obviously different then please let me know.

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