Article posted on 14 March 2012 at 2:13pm


General update

I've now uploaded the tactic scout changes mentioned yesterday so you can employ scouts to investigate whichever teams you like. As usual, if you find any bugs in this then let me know.

I've also made a change to the match report page so that the team colours assist you on the match timeline. Well, they will providing the colours of the teams involved are quite different. Slight variations in colour may not actually help that much but I figure it's better than nothing.

Regarding yesterday's post - I think a few people related most of it to a Chesterfield v Walsall English cup game that ended with a bizarre scoreline. It was actually only partly related to that. I don't agree that results like that particular one should actually happen. Lower division teams should be able to win but rarely by that much and I have made some modifications to the match engine in this respect. I do believe Chesterfield were the correct victors but they scored more than I think they should have done. Replaying them all causes more problems than just leaving them, especially as the winners were correct.

Also regarding yesterday's post - I don't recall saying exactly how important tactics were to a game, just that they may POSSIBLY be more important than you think. I'm obviously not going to state how involved - just don't rule them out as insignificant.

My next change has already been done and will be uploaded with the next updates - that is the ability for you to modify what you are asking for players on the transfer list without deleting and then re-submitting the player. As you may have gathered, this just continues to lower a players' morale. Allowing modifications will mean morale isn't affected - unless you put a player for sale after they were previously on loan that is.

Finally, I've asked this before but if any of you fancy writing articles about the game (your league, team, country or anything else relevant to Mystify), then by all means mail them to me. I'd be very happy to put them into the news articles on the site. I'd definitely like to see an article for each country on a regular basis.

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