Article posted on 21 February 2012 at 11:59am


General update

I've updated the site a few times over the last few days now. Unfortunately when I do it, it will kick you out of the site and in some cases it will give you screen errors until I've done my updates. There's not lot I can do about that.

Apologies if this annoys any of you. I do try and do it when there are no managers on site but sometimes, like bug fixes, I prefer to get the changes implemented ASAP. If it helps then I guarantee each time it happens there are either bug fixes, changes to prepare for new functionality or indeed new functions themselves. I don't just do it for minor things and as I've been doing lots of 'improvements' recently, I've had to keep putting the updates live. It may happen more over the next week or so depending on how my free time goes.

The most recent change isn't actually a change in functionality but a change in the transfer screens to give you better visibility of why a transfer or loan can't happen. You'll see a series of tick boxes now that display all possible reasons for failure. In a few of the instances, you can't actually make the request in the first place but I figured displaying all the reasons can only help. When doing this, I've also let the system actually allow more transfer/loan requests in the first place. Previously they were being blocked for things like not having enough players but now they can be submitted - they just can't be accepted until the 'fault' is resolved. This should give managers more help overall.

These pages will also give me scope for adding extra 'things' to the transfer system. I won't give anything away here because I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to program them quickly. Needless to say the layout of the pages may well change in the future. They look quite basic at the moment because I wanted to get them into play quickly and let them bed in for a little while - despite there being nothing majorly different for you to look at, I actually re-coded the whole 'transfer validation' system so that the same procedures are used for each validation now. Previously I'd written them all separately so one function was used on request, another to display warnings and another upon accepting. If I ever need to add extra checks it should now be much easier and with the 'tickbox' system, it should give you more transparency. I just need to hope there are no bugs over the next day or two.

The Extra Teams seem to be working OK. I know a few are waiting to be accepted but, as I said before, I'm accepting them slowly so I can monitor it. I am, however, deciding who to accept based on how long they have been a manager and what team they have selected for their second team. I actually want some new managers as well so some of the more popular names may take a while before I accept for a second team. If you want to change your choice now I've said this then please drop me a message.

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