Article posted on 19 February 2012 at 12:32pm


Player bonus & top players

As you can probably guess, I'm in the mood and have some spare time to actually work on the game at the moment so things are being added and altered here and there quite quickly in comparison to normal.

The 'multiple team' task was a tricky one for me but it has been completed now so I will slowly be approving secondary teams over the week.

Whilst completing this, two little items have also been added. Some of you have noticed them already. One is a list of the top players per division and the other is the facility to give your players a bonus.

I'll leave you to establish how the top players is worked out but the latter is only there to improve a players morale. It will only work to a certain level though.

When new features are added I do change the rules to include them so this should probably be your first thought rather than mailing me.

Oh and I've also set the system to star out certain expletives that certain managers unfortunately feel the need to use.

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