Article posted on 04 April 2024 at 11:44am

It's not quiet behind the scenes

Somebody reminded me the other day that the news articles haven't had a new entry for some time, so I thought I should knock one together with a bit of an update.

I appreciate things may seem quiet, but I'm working on bringing on of the hidden player statistics into the site, and it's had a knock on effect of other things that need changes alongside it.

This is an attribute value that every player has but managed don't currently see - I wanted to change it so that it could be seen, and it can then come into the thinking of transfers, team selection etc.

Obviously Mystify isn't my full-time job, so I need to fit it in around family life, proper work and snatches of downtime where I don't want to stare at code! Evercade can be blamed for some of the latter.

I have uploaded a couple of changes to the site this morning (but forgot to update the changelog completely - I've corrected it for the next upload). One was a transfer list display bug fix, but the other was a tweak to enable long term managers to switch 2nd teams more quickly during the end of season 'gap'.

Other things are in the pipeline so I will post again when I can give more details.

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